Irving Martin

 tel: 01794 501084  mobile / cell : 07866 424325


Accomplished Producer/ Director / Executive Producer


Presently: - Entertainment, Brands, Music TV, Edit Produce, Re-package, Testimonials, EPKs for Film and TV , Infomercials, Commercials and Spot Ads, Music Production, Conceptual Writer. Middle to High end Corporate/Internet Productions. Clients focus on  my Direct Response TV experience and knowledge that is often the key to commercial and Internet success.


Previously headed Scores Ltd. - the number 1  company in Europe for Trailers, Promos & Interstitials

Over £1.5b in sales as head of Key Film & TV.

Won numerous international Direct Response TV awards as a Producer / Director


Freelance Profile

Major Projects include:

  • 6 Infomercials for Time Life US/Europe
  • Re-packaging and re-positioning of spot and infomercial products for non-US markets. Clients: - Dirt Devil, Universal Music, EMI Music, Industex, Time Life, TV Shop, Fitness Brands, , Dormeo, Octaspring, M&A Sales, Guthy Renker,
  • The ‘from scratch' realisation, on-screen look and design for several satellite channels in the UK, Europe and in US often working on a limited budget. Channel themes covered film, music, medical, shopping, jewellery, craft, property sales, timeshare sales and automotive. The Hochanda Crowdcube pitch video that raised £2m, also the on-air promos and branding for the launch of Hochanda (August 2015) - a UK Craft. Hobbies and Arts Channel. 2016 - Full redesign, scripting and animation of website for Smart Driver Club -
  • Consultant Music Supervisor and Studio Music Producer to leading Film & TV production companies across the world.  ABC, Universal, HBO,  Warner TV.



1995 – 2003 Managing Director Key Film and Television (Joint Venture with Sanctuary Group PLC)

With a team of 12 full time and 18 part time staff, I oversaw the making of idents, trailers, Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), interstitial programming and promotional packages for channels such as Channel 4, BBC, Granada and Carlton. We also moved into Direct Response TV (DRTV) programming. During this time, we made approximately 40 infomercials and spot ads and received several award nominations. Two that I produced and directed, along with a great in-house team, were Europe’s biggest selling infomercial products “Superhits of the Eighties" & "The Power of Love". They were awarded as the most successful international campaigns two years running (1999 & 2000) by the International Electronic Retailing Association and sold millions of sets. Hindsight being 20/20 - our hit rate at the time was 3 out of 5 against an industry norm of 1 out of 6.

Major clients included Quantum International, TV Shop, Industex, Thane International and L&D International


1991 – 1995 Working Title Films - Head Of Special Projects

At Working Title I was responsible for re-branding the Polygram Group worldwide. As well as creating the style and content for all idents, promos and in-house promotional packages for Working Title Film & TV.  My role, with a small team, also included identifying and creating new synergies for music content between Working Title Films & TV and the Polygram group of companies that started with Four Weddings and a Funeral. As part of the remit I produced and directed the acclaimed, multi-award winning programme of George Solti's Mozart Requiem, shot and recorded in St Stephens Cathedral (Stephansdom) and St Stephens Platz, Vienna  commemorating the 200th anniversary of Mozart's death in 1991. Also, notable is all the on-air promotional and interview material for Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (excluding the US) that I produced and directed. The campaign has been the subject of several studies concerning the successful marketing and branding of a movie from scratch and contained several new elements that became industry standard.


1980 – 1991 – Managing Director Scores Ltd

Scores produced trailers, music videos, promos, music supervision services, on-air promotions and branding, EPKs and commercials for clients including Warner Home Video, CBS, CIC, Sky TV, Sony and Walt Disney. Employing approx. 30 staff, the Company produced several landmark, award-winning trailers, promos and interstitials and was also responsible for: -

  • All the on-air promotional and presentation material for the launch of  Sky TV's multi-channel platform in the UK.
  •  Music Supervision, music production and composition for film and TV
  • Developing non-theatrical programming and content aggregation for Pubs, Clubs, Airlines, and Video Juke Boxes with partners Diamond Time (now Sound Net)
  • The majority of Sky’s interstitial output during the first two years of operation, particularly for the movie, sports and news channels
  • "A Year to Remember 1930-1969," a video series based on the Pathé News Library and to date the biggest selling video series of its type with over 6 million sales. It went on to a full broadcast series.  ­


1978 – 80   - Freelance TV Producer/Post Production Director/ Record Producer. Represented the music production and related interests in Europe of Columbia Film Music Dept, Universal Pictures Film Music Dept in Europe, Orion/Filmways and 20thCent Fox. For Sparrow Records, 3 projects including -  the acclaimed Triple Platinum “Messiah” with John Alldis LPO/LPO Choir 


References: -

Tonda Mullis, President M&A Sales: +1 914 6455695

Martin Purcell, COO,  Phoenix: +44 7831 322620

Martin Davis, Chairman, Soundnet: + 44 780 2204595

David Hockman,  Chairman Cutting Edge:  +44 7776 146646